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Usborne Books: Market Day! Set


Primer books are great tools for learning basic concepts such as numbers, colors, and shapes.

The four books in the set
The four books in the set

The Market Day! book set by Usborne Books is a cute, small set of these kind of primer books. Books in the set include primers for numbers, colors, shapes, and opposites. The set also includes a pop-up market with stalls and paper cutout characters so the reader can “play” along with the books, or make up their own stories.

Pop-up market stalls
Pop-up market stalls
Pop-out characters
Pop-out characters

Each book features a character in a farmer’s market type stall, and various customers stop by and purchase items while also pointing out that book’s focus concept.

Ms. Dog’s Shapes – sells baked goods in four different shapes

Mr. Peacock’s Opposites – sells clothes for short, tall, big, and small.

Ms. Mouse’s Numbers – sells hardware/tools. Counts 1-5.

Mr. Pig’s Colors – sells veggies and fruits of a few different colors.

Primer books are meant to be short, and these are VERY short. The text flows nicely and rhymes, which can make these fun to read and listen to.

IMG_4852-watermarkedMy 15-month-old little one and I really like this set. We read, and I model how to play with the cutouts. Because of the cutouts, I would probably recommend this set for toddlers at least one year old and up, and ALWAYS with supervision.


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