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Mini Review: Old Bear


Old Bear by Kevin Henkes is a beautifully illustrated picture book that focuses on the seasons. In this story, Old Bear dreams about the different seasons as he hibernates for the winter. Each dream sequence features season-specific details with some fanciful notions, such as raining blueberries in the summer or crocuses big enough to sleep in during the spring. The book ends with Old Bear waking from his slumber to find that winter is over and spring has arrived.

The illustrations in this book are detailed and saturated in color. Henkes masterfully uses color to embody the very essence of the seasons, which makes this book a delight to look at and read.


Old Bear is a sweet tale with equally charming illustrations. I imagine Old Bear could be a great starting point for learning about seasons and about hibernation. This book would be wonderful for older toddlers through very early elementary-aged children.


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